Group menus



Group menus 2019


„ Vegetarian“

BBQ Beetroot Tartar with Aioli and Crispy Cheese

Potato Raviolis, Fried Spinach, Watercress Sauce

Warm Plum Cake, Roasted Almonds and Plum Wine Sorbet





„Traditional Flavours“

Smoked Herring Tartar, Fresh Apple, Dill Salad and Black Bread       

Chicken Breast Cooked in Salt, Endive and Porcini Risotto

Chocolate Iced Cake and Sour Raspberry Sorbet




„Nordic Wildland“

Veal Carpaccio, Crisp Jerusalem Artichoke Salad and Burned Sesame Oil

Smoked Red Pearch Filet, Citrus Flavoured Mashed Potatoes and Creamy Akvavit Sauce

Lingonberry Tartlet with Burned Tofee Cream and Wild Thyme



Min 10 guests and reservation must be confirmed 3 days in advance